Extremely High Water Bills Could Mean You Have a Main Water Line Problem

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Nobody likes a constantly high water bill! W.A. Booth Plumbing Services LLC in Millersville, MD is a licensed plumber and can handle your toughest plumbing issues. We have years of experience with water and sewer line repair. Our professionals can quickly detect your plumbing issue and deliver long-lasting solutions.

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Your plumbing repairs can't wait

Your plumbing repairs can't wait

W.A. Booth Plumbing Services offers prompt water line repair services. If you have a broken pipe or an overflowing toilet, rely on us for...

  • Inspections - We use a sewer inspection camera to find where your issue lies.
  • Snaking - If you're dealing with a major clog, we can safely snake your drains.
  • Repairs - We can provide water and sewer line repairs done correctly.

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